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Upcoming Events:

April 12th - Birthday/Anniversary fellowship after evening worship

May 17th - Potluck dinner after morning worship

Most recent sermon:
February 15th

Stafford Church of Christ

Weekly Schedule

Worship Bible Classes
10:30 AM Sunday 9:30 AM Sunday
6:00 PM Sunday 7:00 PM Wednesday

Location Mailing Address
402 Stafford Run Road P.O. Box 32
Stafford, Texas 77477 Stafford, Texas 77497
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Phone Number
(281) 499-2507

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

March Birthdays:

2nd: Lenny S.
5th: Taryn G.
7th: Marquise K.
7th: Gene B.
10th: Betty A.
12th: Nicole S.
13th: Tyrone P.
15th: Hermon K.
22nd: John O.
28th: Aurelia R.

March Anniversaries:


April Birthdays:

4th: Charles R.
6th: Jarren J.
13th: Bertha T.
16th: Peyton W.
16th: Shelby T.
20th: Melvin J.
23rd: Lula G.

April Anniversaries:

12th: Marilyn & Curtis D.
16th: Marsha & Randy S.

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